Distant Reiki

April saw me doing Distant Reiki sessions for various clients. One is long term daily Reiki sessions to a new client who lives in Spain, due to this being ongoing,  I will give a full account once we have completed.

A long term regular client required distant Reiki to help her with stomach pains and to enable her to make a very important meeting early next morning in Birmingham. I spent about 30 minutes doing the distant Reiki.
The meeting was a great success & went in her favour more than she first thought it would. Needless to say her stomach pain had cleared enabling her to drive herself from Wirral to Birmingham.

Another long term client was two days into a girls holiday in Spain, when she contacted me to ask for distant Reiki. This was the information she gave me:
“Sharon, can you please send me some distant Reiki to Spain as I’m suffering with an eye infection and having to hide indoors from the lovely hot sun as it is too bright for me”.
On doing the distant Reiki session for about 35 minutes, I gave her the following feedback:
It was her left eye that was the problem & the irritation/infection was under her left eyelid. I advised her to use cucumber slices to sooth the eye and regularly wash the eye with salt water, at least 4 times every hour.
I also advised she go to the Pharmacy the very next morning which was  Monday.
I received a message on Monday lunchtime saying the eyes were all cleared & it was back to sunbathing & having a lovely time. Thank you for your lovely Reiki.

I wonder what May will bring?



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