myBumpBed, the best bed for pregnancy massage now available for you to buy & use in the comfort of your own home for sleeping on throughout your Pregnancy.

Introducing the revolutionary myBumpBed

The future of client-centred massage therapy is here. Our specialist, Wirral-based maternity carers have spent the last decade listening to Mums-to-be describe what they from their massage experience. The result is myBumpBed a multi section pregnancy massage bed, designed for comfort, durability and portability, which aims to give pregnant women and their unborn child, the best possible support that modern design and materials can provide.

myBumpBed has been designed as a three section single foam mattress, sculptured to allow maximum comfort for Mum & her unborn baby. The mattress measures 190cm x79cm with a 20cm depth and is made from British V38 density heavy duty foam with a vapour permeable, breathable and waterproof cover. This makes it suitable for all conceivable massage situations, including hospital, care home, therapists, leisure clubs & spas. myBumpBed is incorporated three interchangeable hole inserts. These are designed to accommodate the unborn baby and come in 10”, 12” and 13” sizes so that myBumpBed can grow with your bump! In addition to the standard mattress we include an attachable leg rest 48cm x 78cm x 15cmas part of the retail package. The leg rest is ideal for Mums-to-be who are suffering from night cramps, as this raises the legs to allow circulation to flow, thus alleviating the swollen legs and/or night cramps.

myBumpBed has been years in creation & incorporates stake holder feedback in its final design. We have utilised the three section approach to assist fixed and mobile therapists in the delivery of Pregnancy Massage; myBumpBed is easy to assemble and dismantle and fits comfortably into a specially designed storage bag. The mattress will easily fit into limited storage and can be transported in the back of most domestic vehicles. It is also sufficiently robust to act as a permanent fixture in any Therapy facility.

myBumpBed has been created to aid massage therapists in the delivery of a high quality service to Pregnant Clients. It has a design flexibility that offers the potential as a sleeping mattress, offering a comfortable night’s sleep during & after pregnancy. It is easily placed onto a standard divan for the benefit of any user who prefers to sleep on their front and finds discomfort with a standard mattress.

We offer a standard, bespoke design and manufacture service. All pregnancy related needs can be catered for by myBumpBed.


Bed £349.99
Bed with Storage Bag £399.99
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