National Research Project for Reiki & Other Alternative Therapies

Reiki Diva is pleased to announce that I am taking part in a National Research Project run by the Confederation of Healing Organisations I am looking for 20 past & present Client’s who wish to be a part of this Research Project to help me. This is totally anonymous for you the Client, the only personal information required is your Age at the time of the Reiki Session and  your Sex. If you are interested in taking part of this Research Project, please contact me before Monday 27th June 2016.

By taking part in this research, the more valuable and convincing findings will be to other organisations including the NHS and Government. We will be able to lobby for the recognition of Healing as something of great potential value to people, and  something that should be more widely accepted, used and recognised in the UK.

For example, if we could show from the data that large numbers of clients with, say  back pain were going to healers and receiving benefit from this, maybe the government would look more favourably at recommending healing for back pain.

It is only by gathering figures from the data that will make a difference and hopefully Medics, Governing Bodies and  Government  will no longer be able  to just say, “Well I don’t have any understanding nor experience on this matter” , as it will be clearly set out in the figures from this research.


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