New Treatments for 2017

Introducing our Latest Treatments for 2017…….. Mummy & Baby Reiki Sessions. 

Mummy and Baby Reiki sessions can continue after Pregnancy Massage treatments. The sessions can commence immediately following a Caesarian Section. The treatment is ideal prior to Postnatal Massage, which is especially useful if you do not wish to be parted from your baby.

The benefits are so valuable for the health & well-being of both Mother & Baby in many ways including the all important Mother-Child bonding as well as individual benefits:

For Baby:
Helps to relieve the pain and discomfort of Colic
Helps with Sleep Patterns
Helps with any Stresses passed on from Pregnancy & or  Birthing problems
Helps with Teething & Sore Gums
Helps with the discomfort of Eczema and Nappy Rash

For Mum:
Gives instant relaxation
Helps with problems that may come with Breastfeeding
Helps speed up the recovery of Childbirth
Helps with any Stresses from Childbirth
Helps with the Transition into Motherhood
Helps to keep calm, be able to cope with taking care of the family home as well as Baby’s needs & attention
Helps to smooth the Transition of leaving baby when returning to Work
Helps with any added lifestyle Stresses

Mummy & Daddy 2B/Mummy 2B and Birthing Partner 

We are also offering Relaxation Workshops for Expectant Mother and her Birthing Partner. This will be a small, intimate group of a maximum of 6 people to enable everyone to get the best out of their experience. We will be doing breathing exercises and learning how to keep Mum relaxed throughout her labour.

For further information or to book an appointment on either of  the above, please do not hesitate to contact Reiki Diva on 07745 690 320

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