Reiki Diva & myBumpBed’s 2nd Visit to Mothercare, Bromborough, Wirral

20160614_18103720160614_18113620160614_18125020160614_18131320160614_19193120160614_195537Tuesday 14th June 2016 saw Reiki Diva & myBumpBed’s 2nd visit to Mothercare, Bromborough Expectant Parents Event. We were enthusiastically welcomed, not only by the lovely management & staff  but by lot’s of Mama’s to be.

We had about a dozen ladies on myBumpbed who were all thrilled with the comfort and relaxation the bed gives to the pregnant body. They were  amazed at how the support of the bed gave the feeling of their bumps not being there.

Having feet & hand massages with delicious skin products by Bodyshop and  Cuccio, left the ladies skin feeling silky and smooth as well as refreshed, and their swellings disappeared. One lady actually fell asleep even though we were positioned in the busy Maternity Clothing department.

Time soon passed  but didn’t manage get to all of the Mama’s to be on myBumpbed. Help and advice were given to all who requested and appointments were made for Pregnancy Massages in for my treatment room in Wallasey, Wirral, birthplace of myBumpBed.

A huge thanks to Chris & Laura of Mothercare Bromborough, who organise the Expectant Parent Events, the Staff members for all their hard work & helping me with loading and unloading my equipment and to each and everyone of the Mama’s to be who discovered the secret of myBumpBed .

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