Reiki During Lockdown 2020

Due to the uncertain times we find ourselves in and being told to STOP work, with the exemption of Key Workers. I find myself asking “How can I help my clients and others, who at a most critical time are in need of Reiki more than ever”

Distance Reiki Healing is the answer. I have in the past been asked to send distance Reiki to clients who have been holidaying, during out of hours, but in an emergency and people who are in the office with a heavy work schedule and suffering with a migraine.

Reiki is an intelligent form of energy and knows no time nor distance for it to work on individuals.

So if you are finding yourselves in need of a FREE distance Reiki session to help with fear, anxiety, stress, sadness, loneliness, tension headaches/migraines, or any aches, pains, upliftment and positivity then contact Reiki Diva today.

Sessions are 15 and 30 minutes. All you have to do is sit quietly in a room with no distractions, please switch mobiles to silent and that’s it.

I will txt you when I have completed the distance Reiki to let you know where I have worked on you.

Thank you, Take care, STAY IN, Stay Safe,

Sharon Leech, Reiki Diva

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