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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an energy healing system that works on the mind, body and soul. Reiki is a non-invasive, intelligent energy that can be used on humans, animals and plants.
In non-technical jargon, if you imagine your electric kettle, when you switch it on it boils the water for your tea/coffee. If no electricity (energy) is connected when you switch the kettle on it’s not going to boil your water.

Reiki (energy) is administered by a Reiki practitioner, through their hands to the client. This can be done by either holding the hands over the body or by gently laying fingertips or the hand on various body points. The client then may feel heat, cold or tingling sensation, this is the Reiki (energy) that they feel.
Here is an example of Reiki working.  If a client comes to see me with a bad back, but my hands are fixed at the head, due to a stressful lifestyle or headache, the body’s own healing ability, that each of us has, carries the Reiki to the back pain and other areas of blocked energy. Reiki will work on the whole of you, rather than specific areas.

Reiki will work as individually required, due to everyone acting differently to differing situations, as we are all unique.
Reiki will help on the physical for pain relief, ailments, sporting/accidental injuries. Reiki can be used immediately after having major/minor surgery, as it will help to speed up the healing recovery process.
Mental: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress, Post Natal Depression, addictive behaviour, emotions, anger & mood swings, bereavements, loss of confidence, relationship breakdowns/problems.

Reiki is also ideal for:

Babies – it will help calm them if they are stressed for any reason. It will help with colic or constipation, teething and will help their sleep patterns.

Children – who are faced with new situations, such as a new baby brother or sister, or If they are fostered or going to be adopted. It will also help them if there is stress in the household due to marital breakdowns or new partners moving in.

Teenagers – for dealing with added hormones and mood swings, pressures of school, college work and exams.
Reiki will help them on all levels especially the transformation of going from a child to a young adult.
Ideally for an adult’s first Reiki session, it is recommended that a 90-minute session is taken followed by regular 60 minute sessions.

Babies & children 20-30 minutes, Teenagers 30-45 minutes, depending on the individual needs.


90 Minutes £75.00
60 Minutes £50.00
30 Minutes £30.00
Babies and Children under 13 years £20.00
Teenagers up to 16years £25.00

Please note that 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation is required. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice incur a fee equivalent to 100% of the missed treatment.
Reiki Diva is a professional therapist who likes to give a quality service.  Adequate notice allows us to offer the appointment to someone else who needs it from our waiting list. Please help us to make this possible.