Tips for a Little Piece of Calm During Covid-19 Lockdown

Here are 5 Tips for a calmer lockdown in 2020 Ideal for the whole Family

  1. Breathe – Breathe in through the nose for a count of 4. Hold for a count of 2. Breathe out for a count of 8 through the mouth as if blowing bubbles. Repeat 6 times. This will slow the breathing down and is great when the children are over excited and Mum & Dad want time out
  2. Create a vision board – this makes a great craft activity which can be done by the whole Family or individually. First decide what you want on your vision board. A good one that includes all family members could be what you want to do as a family treat when lockdown is lifted. Collect old magazines and find images of the activities each of you want to do post lockdown. Take a piece of card (an empty cereal box will do) glue the images to the card. Place on the fridge where you can always look at when the feeling of cabin fever hits.
  3. Self Massage – everyone will love and feel relaxed with this one. All is required for this is some lovely smelling hand lotion, lemon or orange is a good all rounder. Place a small amount into the Palm of the hand and massage as if you are washing your hands Covid style (for the children) For the adults concentrate on each finger, the palms and the cuticles. If you enjoyed that and don’t wish it to end, move to the feet and repeat.
  4. Mindful Eating – give everyone just 1 square of chocolate. Place on the tongue resisting all temptation bite into it. Make a note of all the senses felt, smell, taste, feel. See whose lasts the longest. Enjoy the chocolate and the quiet.
  5. Storytelling – let each person tell a story of how they have felt in Lockdown, what have the liked the best, what have they least liked, what have they missed most, what haven’t they missed at all. I hope you enjoy these these little activities whether with the whole Family, as a couple or in your own company having some self care time.
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