What a great Summer 2016!!!

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20160723_145434 img_20160723_195601 img_20160731_233944 img_20160712_212505 What a great Summer Reiki Diva has had in the run up to her 10th Birthday.

July, saw us do 2 sell out Meditation workshops in the Garden. We had friends, colleagues & family celebrations of Graduations, 21st birthday parties, not to mention the Mummy 2B clients new arrivals too.

August, As my first born celebrates her 30th birthday, I also celebrate being a Mum of 30 years this month.  Which has made me look back over the last three decades and realise just how much I have grown and just what I have achieved in this time. I have to say I am very blessed with my life journey so far.
This month also saw us on our first (but certainly not our last) trip to Glastonbury, John of God Meditation at the Daisy Foss Angel Centre, trips up the Tor & Full Moon & Music Festival at the Chalice Well Gardens to name but a few of our activities on “Girls go Glasto” trip with Anne Powell of Sole Balance, a very dear friend & Colleague.
A family meal to celebrate 30th & 21st birthdays, perfect time especially in Summer which is a time to be spent in the company of great friends & family.

Here’s to more celebrations in Autumn which see’s Reiki Diva reaching her 1st decade and looking back over all the clients who have played a role in this great adventure.



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